FAQ Q166: How can I change the look & feel of the Planyo module on my website?

If you've created your site in or after April 2015, or if you're already using the new schemes

Please see this tutorial which explains this in detail

If you've created your site before April 2015

See Q280 for the instructions about upgrading to the new Planyo schemes. If you don't wish to upgrade, continue reading the following instructions.

Advanced integration lets you fully adjust the look&feel of the Planyo module by modifying the CSS stylesheet. You can choose one of the predefined schemes in settings / advanced integration settings and also set the full URL of an additional CSS file which you should upload to your server and which can contain your own customizations of the chosen scheme. Of course instead of doing this you can also add your custom CSS styles in the stylesheet file you normally use in your website.

If you're not sure which styles to change, you should use a CSS/DOM debugging tool such as firebug for Firefox or Developer Tools for Chrome/Safari which will let you select an element on the page and then show all properties and styles for it. You'll find most content from planyo will have existing id or class names so you can easily apply your styles.

If you'd like to change contents displayed in the different modes (like search, reservation form, resource list or details) you can do so in site settings / templates. By using special tags like $(price), $(name) etc. in the template you can fully control the way the module presents content to the user.

If you'd like to change the stylesheet of the mobile version of the UI or of a calendar preview, please enter your custom CSS stylesheet URLs here.
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